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  • Nina Tkachenko
    Thank you for helping to promote business accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Explained what was happening, led the target audience. Great start to interact with the audience.
    Misto Outlet
  • We ordered the site promotion, the guys came up comprehensively, took into account all our wishes. They helped in many ways to understand and even identify promising niches. Reasonable fee + good result, we will recommend you as good specialists and wonderful people!  
    Iryna Shylko - t-svit
  • I've been working with Seoguide for a long time. The guys show their professionalism every day. They helped me to fully customize SEO for my project. And we saw the result of their work. We will also work with these guys on other projects!
    Vadim C. - Spanishfood
  • I have used many SEO companies. This company did a deep-dive into my SEO analytics and came up with multiple ways to improve my rank that other SEO companies did not find. These guys have sent me multiple spreadsheets on what needs to be fixed, suggestions on how to improve, and answers my questions. I will continue to use SEO guide.
    Mike Chagala - bakerhomeenergy
  • Maxim and his team did a fantastic job on the audit. Looking forward to working with them again. Thank you
    Maxim Panych - Akitadigital


    Art of site promotion

    In the modern world, the presence of an Internet site is considered important for the growth of the business and development of the offered service. Creating a quality website is not always the key to success, however. The main thing is its further maintenance and integrated SEO promotion in search engines.

    Analytics show that only a few sites are considered successful. At the initial stages, it’s important to pay attention to many factors, including:

    • attractive layout;
    • beautiful url address;
    • brand recognition;
    • enticing content;
    • PPC and banner advertising.


    The basic principles of SEO site promotion and event planning?

    Site promotion – The selection and implementation of various tactics and methods to improve search engine rankings. To achieve these goals, the specialist must implement not only the planned tasks, using a whole list of technical tools. It is important to approach the process creatively. This approach will yield fruitful results.

    Internet marketers are somewhat similar to “free artists.” They have a base of technical knowledge and logical methods, but much depends on their intuition and taste in SEO promotion of the site. Talented craftsmen are always highly valued. Each accompaniment is different from any other, because it requires a completely different approach and a special strategy.

    To increase trust in a resource, it is necessary to follow a certain algorithm of actions, usually of the same type. In this connection, each specialist makes his own checklist of internal optimization to speed up work with new sites. There are two main areas of optimization:

    • internal optimization (work with content, compilation of semantic core, error correction), and
    • external promotion (affiliate program, contextual and banner advertising, setting the necessary parameters for better issuance in search engines).

    To implement the tasks presented, it is worth knowing a lot of nuances. Therefore, owners of online resources order services from professional specialists for layout, further programming, design of design solutions, promotion, and conducting a PR campaign. The cost of professionally performed work will ultimately pay for itself and yield fruitful results in the near future.

    The main methods used in integrated website promotion

    In Internet marketing, there are various strategies for website promotion, but there is no “magic pill” that works equally well for everyone. The project manager needs an understanding of the subtleties of a niche, product group or service. In the end, the 80/20 principle works: 20% of actions are brought by TOP. When we make the site perfect from the technical side, we find links in the right quantity for the subject, and we derive behavioral factors to the level. Yet all this may fail to bring results if you miss the little things – the chips that, in conjunction with the main work, will bring growth. These include:

    1. Optimization. Here, the main emphasis is placed on relevance, increasing trust in the Internet resource (matching topics, targeted queries, level of trust, depth of topic disclosure, etc.), and correlations to the requirements of search engines. Both external and internal optimization are relevant – from the detailed elaboration of content by keywords and the availability of internal linking to the setting up of Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files.
    2. Reference profile. Placing content on third-party Internet resources in order to get links to the link in the text is an excellent and effective method for generating traffic. On other sites with similar themes, useful material is posted with a call to follow the link. The method brings an increase in the trust of the search engine (PS) and increases the so-called DR – an indicator of trust from the Ahrefs service. Usually uses free and paid methods for publishing their content on well-promoted sites.
    3. Social media marketing (SMM, or site promotion through social networks). Despite the fact that this direction is young, it is very popular. In various social networks, a group or account is created with the user, where short ads are published with a call to switch to the full version of the article. Additional settings of various widgets for communication with the target audience in social networks with the help of groups and accounts are possible. Among these variations, the promotion of the resource through thematic blogs is highlighted. Many bloggers in top positions are ready to share links in their posts to a third-party resource.
    4. Registration in catalogs. Many large sites are designed to post ads on resources with different themes. The disadvantage of this approach is considered a small probability of attracting live traffic. But on the other hand, it is a matter of prestige. A striking example of such a large web directory is the “Yandex Directory.”
    5. Email marketing. Initially, a base of potential customers or users is recruited. Then, regular distribution is carried out with an offer to use the service or to purchase a product or follow the link. It’s a popular method because there is direct communication with the target audience. This approach is easy to implement, but there are certain nuances that directly affect lead generation. Because of the nuances, it’s a good idea to turn to the experts.
    6. Contextual and banner advertising (PPC). Small ads are made available to users who are interested in certain queries. To activate this method, you need to add the necessary settings of the advertising company. Contextual (ADS, Yandex Direct) and banner advertising becomes available to the user at the moment when they show interest and type in the search engine the necessary keyword, or service name. There are two main types of contextual advertising: media and search. Remarketing is also worth mentioning – when advertisements of a website chase you after visiting it once.
    7. PBN. There is also a black-hat PR method of website promotion – registration of blog satellites. This approach can significantly reduce the indicators of relevance, if used incorrectly. And with the right approach, it gives amazing results, significantly reducing the budgets of advancement. As a rule, it is used in the English-language Internet due to the complexity and high cost of constructing a reference profile.

    Site promotion budget

    It is difficult to unequivocally answer. Pricing depends on a number of factors that vary for different niches and sites:

    • position of the site before the start of work on optimization;
    • the height of the goal, the age and size of the website;
    • popularity of search promotion in the niche (for a high rate there will naturally be a high price);
    • tools, methods and strategy used for promotion.

    If you order a package service, it will be cheaper compared to a separate audit and, say, work on a reference profile. In general, it is impossible to generalize the budget for promotion (if not talking about a specific website) – in each niche and for different sites it will be personal.

    When ordering a separate service from different artists, you should count on significant fluctuations in budgets. Everyone values their time and experience differently.

    But the most popular and sought-after is integrated promotion, which will include a preliminary audit, internal and external SEO optimization, work with content and a reference profile. The price of services in our company starts from $300 when working with an open budget (payment consulting).

    We recommend combining Google Adwords and optimization – you thus get a guaranteed result from paid advertising (Ads) and strengthen the implemented measures to optimize the site. PPC cost can be found on the contextual advertising page.

    When choosing agencies and studios for SEO promotion, we recommend you to consider the following aspects:

    • customer reviews;
    • presence of successful cases in the portfolio;
    • the possibility of signing a contract with the company;
    • brand recognition;
    • previous experience in the maintenance of sites with similar topics.

    We recommend going to see the contractor in their office and talking about the planned work. When communicating, do not forget to ask how many hours of work time will be spent on your resource per month, with an agreed budget.

    Our team has all the points listed above and we are ready, at your request, to acquaint you with them. The SEOguide team is open to dialogue; we are ready to discuss various budgets and time spent on promotion. In conclusion, we add that only a multi-faceted approach in SEO will bear fruit.

    Author - Chernysh Maksym