Google penalty recovery

Google penalty recovery

We carry out a series of works and manipulations to lift the sanctions of the search system.

We have been working in the Internet marketing market since 2013 and have accumulated sufficient experience with search engines. The conclusion of the site under the Google filter is a painstaking and multi-step process associated with the modifications of the resource itself, work with the external link mass and communication with the technical support of the search engine. We had to deal with sites that were pessimized (under the filter) for one reason or another. The process of withdrawal of the site can take from one month to one year, it all depends on the sanctions received.

How we are working:

  • To begin, we define the name of the filter imposed on the resource.
  • Then we write a few technical tasks to improve the site. As a rule, these are TK for a developer, TK for improving usability and reducing bounce rate and TK directly for the owner of the website.
  • Next, we conduct a series of activities to remove the Google filter. From correspondence with the search engine to communication with donor sites that have placed spam links on the filtered site.
Google penalty recovery
penalty recovery

We are approached by people asking them to check their website for filtering by a search engine. In most cases, these resources just went awkwardly and "stuck" at the next level, receiving insignificant pessimization. But there are sites that have 3-4 different filters from Gooogle, for which you need to remove a number of works. This chart displays the opinion of our team, regarding the reasons for which ban is imposed on websites.

Google updates

Search engine Google made the next update. From fresh articles on researching the update of the core algorithm of Google, we found -