Search Engine Optimization

The team “SEOguide” has advancing experience since 2013.

Over these 6 years, methods and strategies for achieving results have changed significantly, thanks to which we have identified priorities for our work:

  • - deep Scan;
  • - continuous improvement of skills and knowledgies;
  • - development of our own methods;
  • - constant testing of new methods (on own projects).

Due to this direction of work our customers consistently occupy a leading position despite the constant change of search engines algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization for our team is a priority.

Among all our areas of activity: web development, optimization, contextual advertising, SMM - we pay the most attention to thewebsites promotion due to the depth, complexity and number of controlled processes.

But taking into consideration the rapid changies of vectors and promotion tools, each of our employees is obliged to study and investigate different business areas deeply. This allows us to work at the highest level with a small number of team members.

The professionalism of the marketing agency SEOguide is confirmed by numerous diplomas and certificates.

We are working on what brings results

Поисковое продвижение сайтов

Promotion strategy development and preliminary selection of traffic channels

Создание сайтов

Website optimization for the requirements of various search engines

увеличение конверсии

Increase conversion using behavioral factor analysis and using A / B testing.


We work with various systems of analytics and statistics using established filters

The methodology of SEOGUIDE work


Working on search promotion

We prefer an integrated approach - elaboration of important parameters in full - that is, we are working to improve all indicators of the resource at once. This is due to Google’s algorithms. If earlier to reach the first positions of organic delivery, it was enough to prove to the search system that you have a good site and purchase links, now you really need to make your site better than others and only then work on external ranking factors. Content is a separate direction - your positions depend on it directly. We spend most of the time working with text - its layout and layout, placement of tables and lists. Based on our own experience, we have decided to make work with content a priority.

To summarize - promotion of sites on the Internet, this is an algorithm of actions, the result depends on their priority and the number.

Site architecture

Clean source code on the website is the key to successful promotion. Structures are usually built during the development phase and if this parameter is implemented correctly, the resource gains an advantage over its competitors in its niche. The concept of SILO architecture, in the Russian-language Internet is not often used, we think this is connected with relatively little competition, but those who realized it certainly appreciated all the advantages and are in no hurry to discover a working method. At the very initial stage of our work, our company strongly recommends the implementation of a competent construction of the site structure, as a guarantee of successful promotion.

Why SEO is Profitable

Минимальная стоимость SEO услуг

Less cost

The final cost of the target visitor is less than in other channels.
Привлечение целевой аудитории

Attracting the target audience

We work from low competitive to highly competitive inquiries, thus attracting the most interested visitors first
Упор на увеличение конверсии клиентов

Maximum conversion

Attracting search traffic is associated with the development of "failures" on the site and work on increasing conversion
Работа в долгосрочной перспективе


It works long-term: once you get into the TOP, you will stay there for a long time

One way or another, One way or another, Pay per click becomes unprofitable, especially if you enter the market like a new company. This aspect is influenced by many factors. More about them on PPC page.

Comprehensive search engine promotion site is a real alternative to paid extradition. You get a long-playing result, which then you only need to maintain. The only disadvantage is time - you will see the result of optimization only after 4-6 months.

In favor of search engine advancement, one should voice such a nuance as the ever-growing thematic traffic. This is not much talked about, but this is the whole point - working with your website turns into a long-term investment. To bring the high-frequency queries to the first page of the search engine, we are working on the site, making it ideal from a technical point of view, besides expanding the semantics - making you a technical task for the texts for the blog, which further allows the resource to be ranked by a whole pool of thematic queries. Over time, the number of narrow subject queries and their positions will only grow and bring you more and more traffic (profits).

Cost of website promotion

Оптимизация и раскрутка в поисковых системах

    Separate payment of our work
Раскрутка сайта-визитки

    Service Websites
Создание сайтов

    Corporate Websites
Анализ продающести