Website development

Ways to develop your website

To have your own website is a necessity for anyone who wants to promote their business or to bring a certain topic to a wide audience. It remains only to decide which way is better to create a website for its further successful operation?

There are 4 main ways to create a website:

  • order a website for the development of professionals or a team of specialists;
  • find a budget version of site building;
  • create a website using a free designer;
  • independently after special training and learning technology.

Website creation by a professional or a team of specialists.

Timing of the task: 2-4 weeks.

Cost of: start from $ 300 and more.

The result: full-fledged and powerful tool for the further development of its business, as well as the promotion of the services and products offered.

What to look for?

It is necessary to study the portfolio of specialists whom you wish to entrust your task. From this you will learn about the number of completed orders and the quality of work. Please note that qualified professionals can ensure you about great results have a work experience 3+ years. The portfolio should contain active links to sites that should work correctly. Accordingly, on the same sites you can see information about the developers themselves.

Conclusion: professionals from our studio meet all the above requirements and will be able to create a high-quality website for your business.

Budget way to develop a website

Timing of the task: 1-2 weeks.

Cost of: $ 50 - 100

The result : an ineffective tool for the promotion of a business that does not always meet all quality standards.

What to expect in the end?

If you decide to save money on creating a website, then specialists with low skill levels will work on it. They can promise to cope with the task in a short time. And this together leads to a low level of work performed.

Conclusion: in any case, if you decide to go this way, then you yourself need to control the creation of your site at each stage of its implementation and make adjustments.

Using the free constructor

Deadline for completing the task : 1-3 weeks.

Cost of: endless patience, a lot of nerves and time spent.

The result: tool to promote your services and products of dubious quality.

What you need to know?

Everything will depend on your PC proficiency and skill. Once you decide on the necessary free designer, you will need 1-2 weeks to fully understand its functionality. Free designers in the public domain can be found on the Internet.

Think about it: maybe for the time spent on creating a website of dubious quality, would you be able to increase the level of your business and get funds to order work from professionals ?!

Learning to create a professional website

Timing of the task: 1-2 years for training + skills development.

Cost of: average cost of website development courses + a lot of nerves, patience and even more time.

Result: professional skills development through the development of a new profession, a good enough tool for further promotion of their business.

Conclusion: you will need a lot of information to learn the basics and nuances of site building.


If you need to create a high-quality website as soon as possible you should contact the professionals.

With this solution you:

  • you will quickly and productively grow your business;
  • increase your own sales;
  • you will be able to tell a huge number of people about the services and products offered.

Make the right conclusions and make rational decisions!

What do we offer

Создание сайтов

SEO at the development stage

When designing websites, we use our experience in SEO. We build SILO architecture, we implement optimization already at creation.

Поисковое продвижение сайтов

Usability analysis

We are working on behavioral factors to increase conversions (sales) of the website.

Разработка дизайна

Design development

We make a niche analysis, conduct a search for the best sites of the subject and develop an individual design based on the nuances of the direction.

Оптимизация вебсайта


Since we are professionally engaged in promotion, all the sites we have created include basic optimization, which allows you to immediately get a good position in Google.

Why do we have?

The advantages of our development:

  • Ease of use of the finished website;
  • Personal study of all the details;
  • Individual design;
  • High conversion of the website developed by us.
  • We love our job and live internet marketing. Working since 2013, we have gained considerable experience in making decisions and skillfully use our know-how in practice. All the tasks described above are carried out when creating each separate website. We also implement silo-architecture, micromarking and many other indispensable solutions for further advancement. In fact, you will get a ready-to-work website, which, after opening it for indexation, will immediately receive positions in search engines due to competitive advantage.

    Website development cost

    Дизайн сайтов
    from$ 650

      Landing Page
    Раскрутка сайта-визитки
    from$ 400

      Website Business Card
    Создание сайтов
    from$ 800

      Corporate website
    Анализ продающести
    from$ 1200